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Great Lakes Christian College

“It’s almost like J. Milito & Associates are my ‘6th man on the team’. I’ve found them to be very efficient in what they do in bringing about the desired goals of our campaign. Working with J. Milito and Associates is always a lot of fun. I appreciate the expertise and I appreciate the way in which they go about their business. It’s just a comfort to me. I’m really confident in what they do and because of it, we’re going to be successful and that’s their desire and their goal.”

Phil Beavers
VP Institutional Advancement

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Unity Christian High School

“We have been partnering with J. Milito and Associates now for at least the 8 years through a number of campaigns. This time we really needed their help to get us to our goal of $18 million. We brought over 4,000 of our constituents’ accounts for Juddee’s assistance. They worked with us over a 2 month period and raised over $967,000 for Unity Christian High School. Not only did we raise the dollars to secure the $1million match and break ground, but we received positive feedback from our donors about the school, size, structure, timing and staying out of debt. It was really a positive experience. It was a blessing. It was a very very successful campaign.”

Jack Lutke
Director of Development

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West Side Christian School

“We wanted to reach out to as many of our constituents as possible for our capital campaign. We had used J. Milito & Associates before and were happy with their professionalism and results, so we used them again in the capital campaign.”

Gord Bylsma

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Zeeland Christian School

"Our phone-a-thon with J. Milito and Associates was an extraordinary success. The reason we will use them again is due to the feedback we get from our families and our community. They told us that when they received a call from J. Milito & Associates, they thought it was an actual Zeeland Christian family member on the phone with them."

Amanda Cooper
Director of Advancement
Zeeland Christian School

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