Custom Fundraising Services


Intake Documents

You are now ready to start planning your Telephone Outreach Campaign.

The Intake Planning Document provides all the information needed to create a contract and successfully execute your custom telephone outreach campaign. Your Project Manager can help you with this.  

  • First, you will need to provide your legal organization name, your Federal ID number, verification of registration or exemption to solicit charitable contributions and your key contact information.
  • Then tell us your goals – why are we raising money and what is your overall financial goal for your appeal?
  • Records preparation is key, so we give you scrubbing options that help you maintain good list hygiene.
  • Tell us your preapproach efforts. Did you send a solicitation mailing, postcard or an eblast and when?
  • Who are we calling for you? Will they be current, Lybunt, Sybunt or non donors? Did you want us to make 3- or 6-dial attempts.
  • Personalized scripting is important.  There are a number of questions to help develop a personalized script for our professional telephone fundraisers. This is always a collaborative effort and you have the final say as to how it’s worded.
  • Next, you tell us whether we will discuss Fulfillment -- where a remittance is sent to constituents following completion of calls.
  • Finally, you tell us your preferred kick off date and we work out the other details of training our team.

So that’s it!  If you have questions, just let us know.

Intake Planning Document for Non Profit Organizations

Intake Planning Document for Boy Scout Councils