Custom Fundraising Services


5 Easy Steps to Creating a Successful Telephone Fundraising Campaign

Strategy Planning

  1. You determine why are you raising money. (Annual Appeal, Capital Campaign Cleanup, Special Project etc.)
  2. Together, we determine the desired time frame of the campaign.
  3. We help you identify the target constituents.
  4. You complete the Intake Planning Document.
  5. We complete the contract for services and file with the appropriate governmental agency.

Records Preparation

  1. You segment constituents according to giving history.
  2. We develop the style and format of your personalized calling records.
  3. You submit your records, in Excel format, to our marketing partner who will scrub the file and print the calling sheets.

** Optional service available: Custom designed program to automatically upload your donor pledge data into your accounting system software. (Priced per project)

Script Development and Fulfillment

  1. We work with you to create a personalized script especially tailored for your campaign. Scripting is a work in progress until edited to your final satisfaction.
  2. We can mail your pledge slips and other information pieces such as letters, bookmarks, etc. You just provide us with your organization’s #9 and #10 window envelopes and any fulfillment materials.
  3. We hand write a personal message on all pledges, soft pledges, send info requests and unable-to-contact records.

Training and Kick Off

  1. You prepare informational training packets on your organization and the campaign for our calling team.
  2. We schedule an in-person or conference call for you to meet and train our calling team especially assigned to your campaign.
  3. We schedule brush-up trainings as needed and upon your request.
  4. Once we begin calling, dollars pledged come directly to your office, either by check or by Credit Card pledges that you process.

Campaign Reporting

  1. All during the campaign you will receive daily reports via email, documenting the productivity and progress of your campaign.
  2. Once a week you will receive, via FedEx, all the records completed that week.
  3. Immediately upon campaign completion you will receive an Interim report on productivity.
  4. Lastly, we debrief and you will receive a full narrative analyzing the results, including suggestions for improving your next campaign.