Custom Fundraising Services


You have questions. We have answers.

1. Why should I include telephone fundraising in my overall campaign strategy?

Despite changes in technology and communications, a phone-a-thon remains your best bet for a personal donor contact that raises money, promotes good feelings for your organization and updates your data base with current contact and demographic information.

2. What direct return on investment (ROI) should I expect if I call my active donors?

Much of this depends on the donor's giving history. However, in general, our clients' active donor projects will reap between a 2:1 to 5:1 ROI, sometimes even higher.

3. Will telephone fundraising offend our donors?

In our experience, we have heard that sometimes our telephone call on your behalf is the only time during the year that the donor receives a personal call from the organization. All comments are shared with our clients to generate further communication with donors.

4. How can we afford a phone-a-thon when it's not in our budget?

JMA understands budget constraints. That is why we invoice clients for a small deposit at the beginning of the campaign and, then, monthly through the course of the campaign. Can you afford to lose 50% or more of your donors each year?

5. Is it recommended to use a pre-call letter before we begin a phone-a-thon campaign?

Every program is unique and we'll work with you to determine what will work best with your constituents. We normally recommend sending out a pre-call communication that allows your organization to state your case for support that includes a specific dollar ask amount and informs the prospect that a phone call is coming. Messaging can be in the form of an e-blast, a message on your web site home page, postcards, direct mail letter or newsletter articles.