Custom Fundraising Services

Maximum Results: Our Experienced and Professional Callers!

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Personal and experienced callers with over 100 years of fundraising experience are critical to a successful telephone fundraising effort. JMA's callers receive:

  • Exceptional training to understand your organization and your case for support. They come to 'know' your donors before making the first phone call. This extensive training helps create an instant rapport with your donors and leads to successful conversations that result in pledge commitments.
  • Specific training on your particular campaign. We deliver high touch service by matching the appropriate members of our calling team with your particular campaign and monitoring the progress for maximum results.
  • Training and coaching in the art of maintaining a professional, yet conversational, tone while adhering to your approved scripts and talking points.

Our professional, personal callers develop a sense of ownership of your organization's mission and understand that the work they do on your behalf changes lives. As evidence of the value we place on each employee, our retention rate is much higher than the industry standard.

We want each prospect to feel good about the phone solicitation experience, whether they pledge or not. Our calling team members specialize in listening to your donors and prospects with understanding and empathy and they adhere to the highest quality standards and ethics.

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