Custom Fundraising Services


Who We Are...

We know the joy and challenges you encounter daily.

We have been Executive Directors, Development Directors, Board members, and front-line program staff.  We have worked in small and large organizations.  We have led single person development offices and served on large development teams.  

J. Milito & Associates will provide you with:

The expertise and diverse skills of our fundraising team

A fresh perspective and a new set of eyes on your organization

Additional organizational capacity to help get things done

Help to set priorities, keep deadlines, measure success and stay focused

Assistance recruting, training, and coaching staff and volunteer leaders

Knowledge of best practices, industry standards, and fundraising methods that work

 We use our three-decade track record of success to help you raise significant funds by retaining, renewing, and upgrading current donors and securing new donors.  We help you build and nourish those relationships with donors and supporters so the good work of your organization can grow and flourish.  

Our mature, personal and professional fundraisers provide an experienced and friendly touch for your donors. We don't believe in cold-calling.  Instead we contact your constituents - the people who know you, have a personal connection to your organization and believe in the great work you do – to maximize the financial return on your outreach investment.

Contact J. Milito & Associates today and see how we turn conversations into pledge commitments!